The United States spends more on healthcare than any other developed country. Despite this, we rank last in life expectancy and have higher rates of infant mortality.

We pay twice as much per person for health care as countries like Canada, Germany, France, and Sweden, yet our outcomes are worse. It is time to stop accepting a system that works better for insurance companies than it does for patients or taxpayers.

I will fight to pass Medicare For All – a single-payer health plan that would provide everyone access to quality care regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status. This is the only way we can guarantee coverage for all Americans because it takes profit out of the equation and puts people before profits!


While the economy has been growing, wages have been stagnant for decades.

We need to restore the American Dream and ensure that hard work is rewarded with a good job. Iowans know how to get things done, and we should be proud of our hard-working heritage.

I will fight for jobs that rebuild our communities while fighting climate change by investing in clean energy technologies like wind power, solar paneling on rooftops, electric vehicles and battery storage systems. These investments will create millions of new jobs across Iowa—and they are just as important as building roads or bridges!


Rural Iowa is a beautiful place to live, but we have been treated as an afterthought for far too long.


The future of our country depends on investments in rural America. We need better schools and hospitals, more jobs and opportunities, and high-speed internet that reaches every corner of the state. I’m ready to fight for this legislation because it will help rebuild rural communities across the country.


I support broad legislation that invests in infrastructure projects like repairing existing bridges or building new ones, improving broadband access so people can work from home or start businesses online instead of moving away from their hometowns to find good jobs, modernizing our electrical grid with renewable energy sources including wind turbines and solar panels, increasing funding for job training programs at community colleges so young people don't have to move away from their families just to get a good education.


We all know that climate change is real, and it's hurting our planet.


Climate change is an existential threat to the human race, but we are not doing enough about it. The best way for us to tackle this problem together is by electing leaders who will take bold action on climate change.


I am calling on you to vote for candidates who understand the severity of this issue and have a plan in place to combat it head-on. If elected, I will work with my colleagues in Congress to pass legislation that takes meaningful steps towards mitigating these effects now and into the future. This election year, let's come together as Americans and do what we can to save our planet from destruction before it's too late!

Dr. Glenn Hurst needs all of our help to bring our bold progressive agenda to life. The only way to change our country is together. Sign up to keep up with Dr. Hurst!

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