Rally for Abortion Justice

If you want to hear about me as a US Senate candidate – Tune in tomorrow to The Insider with Dave Price on WHO because today I am here as a physician. I am a rural FP in Minden Ia, Med Director at 3 NH and hospices an I join in the fight to demand Heathcare Justice for all

HCJ is access to wellness, 

HCJ is access to emergency rooms, 

HCJ is access to mental providers and SW, 

HCJ is ob/gyn care for all who require it

Healthcare justice includes abortion justice

Abortion Injustice it is about controlling people …

….People who are not biologically male

… people of color 

… communities of immigrants

and people in poverty

These are the people I have seen suffer first hand at the racist, elitist, mysoginistic hands of the healthcare system. We all see it every day but have become so used to its systemic presence that we often miss it. Here is how it looks to a provider:

My experience as a rural provider:

Across Iowa, Rural hospitals cutting OB/gyn services

Marshalltown – No OB
Atlantic – Only hospital between DM and CB

Communities cannot grow without healthcare and we see 68/99 counties shrinking in population and 44% of Iowa hospitals at high risk of closure.

My experience in Residency Cervical Cancer patient access to mental health services

My First Day of private practice Breast cancer patient with family

If we addressed Access to care is a HUMAN RIGHT, none of these situations would have been as devastating.

This is not a problem cause by the economics of our country it is a problem about controlling people who are not biologically male and yet another attack on people of color and immigrants.

Since the Regan era of tax cuts to the rich – the poor have gotten poorer, the sick have gotten sicker. The top of the economic curve is so far off the chart that the rich

The 160,000 families (.1%) with an average income of 1.5 mil/year = 240 billion/year 

Fed Gov spends over 40 bill/yr of our tax $ in R&D to private industry to develop drugs we cant afford.

We have a failed economic system that is so distorted that instead of addressing completely preventable cancers we have Billionaires in space plane races, while  my patients are dying. 

IT is time to demand Justice. 

Justice is not demonstrated in the environment of sexism.

Justice is not achieved when we allow racism, sexism and transphobia safe harbor. 

Justice is not achieved without addressing the disparity of wealth in our country.

Justice is not achieved just by making Row vs Wade law.

Roe is not the ceiling it is a start. So It’s time for Congress to implement a real defense against the onslaught of attacks on abortion rights. A defense that will stand the test of time against stacked courtrooms and vigilante legislatures. Americans are all equal in our country’s social, political and economic life, it is time that equality is respected and protected. It is time to codify the right to choose. It’s time for Congress to codify Roe v. Wade. It is time to establish an equity of wealth, power, and wellness in the United States.

To reach beyond the ceiling of Row we must reach to codify care for all people in this country. A healthcare for all system, Medicare for All, that is the star we should be shooting for.

And despite my professional qualifications and personal involvement in abortion health I realize there is some irony in being a cis-man speaking at this event.

So, Let me be irony

 that which on the surface appears to be one thing but differs radically from what is in reality

A man telling you about abortion rights. 

A cis-man demanding abortion rights for trans-men and all who may experience pregnancy

A father who shares his daughter’s and wife’s message and demands for abortion rights.

 The only Iowa Senator who is a feminist on stage when he stands next to Joni Ernst.

Let me be gratitude

I am the product of 3 powerful women. My mother who raised me in her Catholic faitn and sent me to a Jesuit school and two women, Jeanie Brayman and Judy Peterson, teachers at that school who took a scared rural kid now it the big city, under their wings.

My mother gave me a foundation in faith

These two women gave me the tools to build relationships on that foundation

My mother taught me not to pray for justice for myself, but rather for mercy

My teachers taught me to fight for justice for others, and to show mercy when possible

My mother showed me perseverance in a difficult marraige 

My teachers showed me relationships built on equality and mutual devotion

My mother taught me manners (no its true)

My teachers taught me service

My mother was always a teacher and became my friend

My teachers became friends but were often more like mothers, mentors.

Let me be caution

Medical education comes from medical providers

A legislature can never be a doctor

A legislature can never have a relationship with a patient

A legislature can never respond to individual needs

DO NOT elect legislators who want the government in your exam room

Let me be infamy

An activist whose voice will not be silenced

An influencer who uses his platform for the crime of demanding justice for women, justice for all

An ally who supports the work of abortion activists

Let me be irreverence

I don’t care how many miles 88 year old Chuck Grassley runs when he gets up,

the number of push-ups he does when he wakes up,

I don’t care the number of sit-ups,

 or how many chin-ups, 

if he can’t step up and be and ally, then he should  SHUT UP!

you make mistakes

Let me be defiance

open resistance

A person who stands on the steps of the Capital and calls out those who would strip us of our liberties.

A politician who brings Roe Vs Wade to the Senate floor when others cower at the thought.A person who

when told  “keep quiet” says “Hell NO!”

Keep quiet Hell No

Keep quiet Hell No

Back in the kitchen Hell no

Back of the bus Hell No

Back to the dark ages Hell No

Back to the Supreme Court Hell NO

Today we demand to Codify Roe, Codify Roe, Codify RO

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